My School Writing Center

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The slogan I chose for my poster is Write with us. All of the writing center assistants are highly skilled and professional individuals whose writing talents cannot be questioned. They are some of the best in the business and we are lucky to have them on our side, rooting for us to succeed in writing the perfect academic paper. Write with us is actually a word of encouragement that one of the writing assistants told me when I was feeling down and hard on myself about my meager English writing skills. I did my best to Write with them and came out a much better, more confident, and well rounded international student in the process. I chose the blue, red, and yellow colors for the bird because those are relaxing colors that I hope will encourage the other Chinese international students to come forward and seek the help that they need from the writing center. I know that the bird looks like a chicken and I specifically intended for the bird to look that way because of the American term chicken feed which means, it’s easy. That is what I want the other students to come to realize, writing the academic papers will be as easy as chicken feed once they write with the help of the academic writing center. Choosing to place the posters in the restrooms, cafeteria, and other high traffic places in the university was not a hard choice to make. I wanted to get my poster the highest visibility possible so any place where there is a conglomeration of students for more than 5 minutes is bound to attract attention to it….
The first thing that I noticed upon reaching the academic writing center was that I was not the only international student who was having problems when it came to writing my academic papers. European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and other countries were also there, seeking the professional help of the writing assistants. It was like being at the United Nations. That was where I met other Chinese students who had already been using the Writing Center for quite sometime already. That meeting helped me realize that I was not alone and I was not stupid. I had found a home where I could get the academic help that I needed while also connecting with other exchange students who were more than happy to help me out with my written and spoken grammar problems. As Chinese students living in China, we never had to worry about how well we spoke in English or whether we could write academically acceptable English papers. We were in China after all and we only needed to know how to speak in the Chinese language of our region. We did not need to know the difference between batter and butter. It was not necessary to dot every I and cross every T in our papers. We got by. But studying in America is a totally different ballgame and we have to play by the American academic rules of writing and spoken grammar. We all need the kind of help that the university writing center offers to its international student community. All we have to do is take the help being offered. Chinese international students no longer need to be afraid of getting low grades in their essays. There is no need to suffer the sense of hopelessness and feeling of isolation and stupidity because we cannot