My Ideal Workplace in 2020

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The easy explains how an ideal workplace should look like in the year 2020. It is about organizational and psychological perspectives in business management (Dunnette Hough, 1991).Business psychology is a scientific and critical study of how humans behave in their workplace (Bass, 1979). It is the application of psychological theorem and rules and principles governing organizational management. It aims at improving the success, performance, safety, and well-being and creates a good relationship between the seniors and thieves juniors in the organization (Bass, Ryterband, 1979).Workplace democracy is one of the organization’s psychological aspects that the organization will implement. Democracy in an organization means giving the workers their full freedom to choose their way (Welford Gouldson, 1993). However, workplace democracy does not mean that employees and the management team will not be supervised and guided in any way (Gouldson, 1993). However, supervision should encourage the workers to be self-motivated and not always be supervised by their seniors ((Welford, 2001).To add to the democracy, some of the benefits that the organization will draw from giving the employees freedom are: The first benefit is that the organization will be in a position to avoid future economic crises. This is accrued from the fact that the organization will be easy to achieve its objectives and goals. Secondly, the organization will be in a position to fairly distribute its resources without bringing any issue of inequality. Thirdly, democracy in a business workplace brings the issue of burnout. Burnout in an organization means being mentally weariness. Eventually, the organization will benefit as the employees will work ethically thus easing the work of the management in their efforts to make the organization perform ethically.The organization will also benefit from organization democracy as it will change its demographic choice.