My History about a Guard in the Mall

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´╗┐The GuardThe first thing you notice when you enter the mall is the crowd, hundreds sometimes thousands. Most of them all seem to be eager to finish their business and be gone, while others do not have any business there and they just browse the stores without looking interested in what is in for sale. Last week, I went to this mall in my town, I did my shopping and then found a corner in a coffee cafe and sat back to observe my surrounding, at the entrance there was a guard, who I had nodded to on entering, he seemed to smile back but did not nod. I had not given it much thought, now I focused on him, I rarely ever did that here because the crowd looked like a single entity, and it was guard to single out one. The guard, on the other hand, looked like part of the furniture by virtue of his immobility. He was an inch or two shy of six feet and had a ruddy face. However, I could only see an outline of his nose and chin as he was not facing my direction. He had which I thought contrasted to his military style hair cut. On his head, he had blond crossly cropped like soldiers would be. He had on a well starched blue short sleeved shirt and a pair of pants made of the same material. He had regulation boots, but it was the way he positioned his feet that made my neck snap up from my examination.From where I sat, I could tell his right shoe was clearly more buffed than he right one. I tried to play Sherlock Holmes and looked to see if he held his baton with his left hand. He did his holster was on the same side, so I concluded he was right handed. He lifted up his face to examine something in the distance somewhere across the door his eyes were blue, and he had exceptionally busy eyebrows, which were not quite as brown as his hair. His eyes had a far way look like a sailor trying to spy a distance island from the deep sea.I wondered if he had been in the navy, and he seemed to be staring at a point far in the horizon even in an enclosed mall where there was not much of a horizon. His hands, which had shifted the baton to a peg on his belt, they were big pinkish callused hands which could have seen hard labor in the past. The fingernails on his left hand looked like they had been chewed on rather on rather than clipped. He stood with his feet apart, and this seemed to give him an element of stability as well as size. When he stood there, with his feet aside his hands constantly felt at his pockets area. However, they never seemed to find their way in there. I noticed that his belt had more than his baton holster and gun holster, along his left side there was a small case fastened which I assumed to contain his ammunition. As my eyes moved up are chest to rest on his face, I realized he had been watching me staring. However, he only gave me a wide, good natured smile but did not say anything. I was rather embarrassed to be caught staring. He, however, did not seem offended, and smiled at me and turned his attention to the shoppers coming in and going out.As I left the mall, it occurred to me, that most shoppers pass the guard without ever giving him a thought. Yet when one takes time to study him, one realizes he is ultimately part of the mall, and in his absence they would probably notice, if they walked in and found no one guarding on entrance.