My Diamond Ring

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My Diamond Ring My special fashion item is a diamond ring. The ring is rather simple with a hexagonal stone well bound ona gold coated ring. The stone is attached on the ring in a manner that may be described to be akin to someone holding a special item. Indeed the description attest to the bond I share to the ring. The gold coated ring blends well with my skin tone. Additionally, the ring proposes little concerns on my outfit, although I do not prefer wearing it on all occasions.
My late grandmother gifted me the ring. She had anticipated it to serve a special reminder of the good time we shared following our visiting. My family had paid her a visit during one of the Easter vacations. In a remarkable manner, there was a unique bond shared between my grandmother and I. Every member of the family commented about our relation. Arguably, it suggested that I had won her tender spot. The ring only assisted in the cementing of the suggestion. Grandmother disclosed that she had received the ring form our late grandfather as a special present for her birthday. She further disclosed that she saw the little her in my personality, hence the kind gesture. I felt humbled by the present.
I wear the ring in exceptional days that mark an excellence in life. Such includes occasions that exemplify my achievements such as graduations and birthdays. I tend to be persuaded that the ring offers a touch of greatness upon being worn. The perception may be related to the impression I had shared towards my grandmother. I once lost the ring after my younger sibling played a trick on me while on the onset of my thirteenth birthday. I was extremely anxious over the loss. I found myself combing my entire room in search for the ring. Apparently, I used to place it on my drawer to my cloth closet. I cannot recollect the number of times I pulled the drawer in search of the ring. Eventually, my sibling disclosed of the folly, leaving me rather agitated while the rest of the family found the entire scenario rather humorous.
I established a secret place for storing my exceptional ring, only allowing its visualization by the rest of the family and friends while on my ring finger. While young, I used to where it on my necklace. However, when my fingers increased in breadth, I was able to wear it on them. The ring may be best considered feminine due to the shape and the considered size of the diamond. Men are related to rings that tend to embrace a touch of masculinity in their description. My ring may be regarded as rather feminine due to the appearance, as well as its source. Additionally, it has a thin ring frame, whereas masculine ones have a broader appearance.
The ring may compare to the earrings worn by Charlotte A. Kunkel. They were perceived to be offering a statement that distinguishes her character. Apparently, it was suggested that she had little to do with feminism upon being spotted on earrings (Damhorst, Miller, and Michelman, 183). The same may be argued over my ring. The ring is intended to make a statement regarding the essence of the exceptional situation upon which it is worn. Additionally, I perceive the ring to be making a statement with respect to the depth of the achievement I regard myself while wearing it on my finger. Such observations assist in relating it to the earrings worn by Charlotte.
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