My Career Plan as a Supply Chain Management

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My career compatibility enhances my good performance and success in life. The self-assessment exercise determines my suitability in pursuing a career. This process is crucial because it enhances the best utilization of my tangible and intangible resources. I had the blueprint of establishing my business in supply chain management. The process will enable me to have a clear understanding of the requirements of my vision. The process protects me from skill obsolescence. This notwithstanding, the process of career planning requires a comprehensive career plan framework. Different perceptions regarding career planning exist, but the bottom line is that the plan must be subjected to my strengths and weaknesses, and objectivity. Sometimes career planning is influenced by my parents, tutors, and peers. The influence is healthy because new ideas are factored into the decision making process with a career plan. Moreover, the process is influenced by self-efficacy. The objectives of my career are to establish a sole-proprietorship in supply chain management. The plan will enable me to achieve the best scores in academic contests. The plan also enables me to streamline his activities towards getting the best-paying job in the future. A career plan also enhances the utilization of scarce resources like finance and education. The plan makes me be focused and result-oriented. Objectivity enhances creativity and innovativeness among the career planers. My success in life is determined by my career choice adopted. The aspect of success in life is relative given that success implies different things for different people. My self-assessment entails the reflection on my personal strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation enhances better decision making pertaining to career choice. The process entails consideration of my values, tastes, and preferences. These are matched with the available learning opportunities.