My Academic Background

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My is Joo Yon Kim, I am 25 years old and I live in New York I am a Korean American, who helps my parents with their small deli and I live with both my parents and grandparents. The reason I want to go to law school is because I want to make a difference in life, not to mention that I believe this university has outstanding programs that may help me reach my goal.
I have always been interested in law thus my academic background. I attended SUNY than transferred to CUNY John Jay college in New York City. The original transfer was for financial and family reasons but I believe this was just a blessing in disguise because me going to John Jay led to me receiving a BA in justice studies.
When I was in SUNY I majored in political science. So I was just laying the bricks to ultimately open the door to your university.
I am dedicated to what I believe, and in this case it’s hopefully being able to help those in true need of legal aid. When one thinks of Korean Americans they don’t usually think of lawyers let alone female lawyers. My family specifically my grandmother is my support system, when I found out that she was sick I packed up and came home to help take care of her. But even with this move I made sure to go to school and study, where other people would have complained or stopped I continued to see my goal and go after it. Not just for myself but for the people I love and for the people who don’t even know me but I might be able to help in the future. I am organized and a hard worker and this is shown in my everyday life and in my academics,
If I were given just a slight chance to prove myself in your college it would not be disappointing. At 25 years old people feel they should be finished with school and living a fast and free life. That’s good and well but me personally I feel that every crawl I take is just leading to the next step and that step leads to a hop and then a skip and it all leads to that over the hill Olympic run. With this illustration I look at you school as that gold metal that distinguishes you from all others, it shows you worked hard and achieved your best.