Music and Its Impact on People

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The song depicts an image of the 80s society with a paucity of sources and resources. The youth is engaged in disturbing activities with mothers losing. The shady nooks frighten the souls by raising questions over the state of society. The state of extraordinary poignancy has been highlighted with a tinge of hip hope that drives into a different world of distress.
On the other hand “Whatever you like” song highlights a happy story full of positivism and high energy with little rap making it all the more soothing. The song depicts the emotions of a man for whom buying sources and resources is an easy task. He often states that the girl can buy whatever she wants as the whole world is in a happy state full of sources and resources. He often states that buying good education and luxury items is within the reach and anything can be bought within no time.
Comparing both the songs, it can be assumed that the grandmaster takes into the world of distress and little hope while “Whatever you like” takes into the world of happy sights, positivism and high enthusiasm. The contradiction made in the two songs belongs to two different worlds that highlight the difference between the rich and poor. Both songs can be considered as a beautiful depiction of availability and paucity of emotions and resources.