Music and Culture

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3750 This is a popular method of entertainment in many nations around the globe. Indonesia is one of the countries that have facilitated the development of shadow puppetry over a period. Shadow puppetry is argued as the oldest type of puppetry in the world. The term puppetry, which is also known as wayang, originated from the Indonesian word for shadow baying. Wang kulit and it uses shapes created from water buffalo hide. Despite its value in Indonesia, shadow puppetry found its way in India and China many millenniums ago. In Indonesia, shadow puppetry’s foundation is usually based on the religious tales of good versus evil. Shadow puppetry is essential in reinforcing traditional ethics of native civilization. Nueva canción This is a group and genre in Latin American and Iberian folk music, folk-inspired music and in social context devoted type of music. In other words, this genre is also known as a ‘New Song Movement’ or ‘Trova’, which makes part of a Latin American musical movement. The reason behind the name is that the song was composed and started during the time of social movements and the Allende revolutions in the 1900s and 1970 respectively. Its main function at that time was to unite the society and a source of weapon against social injustices by bad governance. Sanjuan is also known as a song of the festival. The name is derived from St. John the Baptist with its routes traced from as from 1860. It is mostly played male harpists where some part of it is sung and another played.