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However, use of the word to denote a building housing cultural material has since been past with time. The emphasis given to the building has also declined after it started responding to society that created them. This paper gives a description of the Deyoung museum in San-Francisco its brief history and how it has evolved over the years. Deyoung Museum DE young was created as the fine art building, which was established in the park of California back in 1894 (Frank 11). It was named after some of its founder Michael H DE young. The building was designed in Egyptian style and decorated with statures of the cow goodness. Initially it was set up for individuals in San-Francisco but has gradually grown to become a major spot for tourist attraction. Officially it was opened a year later in 1895, and different from other museum practice it did not charge any entrance fee. However, doom befell it the infamous 1906, earthquake that ultimately led to its forceful closure. It has been 24 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the original structure. The building was designed again by Herzog and Meuron who both reside in Swaziland. They took a total of six years to construct and design the building. Museology is the study of concept of a museum. This was created as a result of noting the essential role of museum in the society. The development of this theory was as a result of the realization, that workers in the infrastructures had training only on precise collection. Thus they had little knowledge of the museum and its operation as a whole. These had negative impact in that safeguarding and exhibition of articles or elements were achieved through plagiarizing from other disciplines. With this in mind it is not clear if demands or expectations of individuals were met. Thus all these issues led to the birth of training for museum work that has gradually given rise to novel ideas and has also appealed interesting parties to join in the aid. Deyoung Museum has been a beloved museum for many years and offers fascinating objects telling a lot of the county town (Frank 19). The museum has won a Heritage Lottery Fund in the last years thereby making it possible to undertake major refurbishment. Deyoung Museum is among the museums running for the Art Fund Prize, which is the largest arts prize. The museum is competing against other big organizations such as British and VA Museums. The service will inform more people about the cause therefore make it possible for the museum to get the prestigious award. Every vote counts to this worthy cause. The University has therefore a considerable number of students who can boost the number of votes for the Deyoung Museum. Increasing awareness will make it possible for people to be aware and vote for the museum. All possible means of increasing awareness will be employed for the service. This service is aimed at increasing awareness to the public to vote for Deyoung Museum in order to win the big award. There is the need of informing the public through public events and websites to increase the number of voters. The aim for this is to create awareness of this amongst our fellow students and encourage them to vote for the museum on our behalf. It is a common custom to watch movies, listen to music and also read fictional materials. These are important sources of information to do with social issues and human history. Today human art has become a