Mudering Mckinley

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his longtime competitor William Jennings Bryan a year earlier before his death in 1901.His steadfastness in solving the crisis that the united States in the 1893 experienced earned him candidacy in Democrat and populist party in 1896.Strikes, riots, increased taxes and factories, closed. His presidency was so timely that he worked hard to safeguard the worsening situation such in a few weeks time. his achievements were identifiable. During his campaigns, though he did not move around looking for votes but allowed the citizens to visit him in his ohio state, he promised to restore prosperity.Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of United States of America became the president after the assassination of William McKinley in 1901. He was experienced in handling public services after serving in public offices as a governor of the New York and secretary of the Navy Department in McKinley’s first administration from his vast experience and rising political career in the New York. He fought for the freedom of Cuba from Spain in 1898 and together with Leonard Wood organized the rough Riders, which was the first U.S Calvary. The aftermath of the war left United States in the acquisition of Spanish empire and the Caribbean. Moreover, the United States gained protectorate over Cuba and gave it overseas possession dominance. Roosevelt was unique in his approach to progressive achievements as a leader. 1Mckinley managed to win the presidency in March 1897. As promised, the factories were opened, workers returned to work and this earned him credit. Rauchway (2003) believes that in 1898, The United States became an international colonial empire. During the short war with Spain, the president had not wanted colonies. however, the German power would dare and despoil them. The president was so prayerful and at one time he confessed his prayers before he went to sleep. God’s presence was felt and in the next election, with his able running mate, Roosevelt Theodore, who had