Mrs Fields Cookies

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La Petite Boulangerie was owned by Fields in 1987. Initially, Fields suffered some losses with La Petite Boulangerie but with the passage of time and due to good management, La Petite Boulangerie was able to prove itself a benefit for the company. Randy is a major participant of the success of the company as she contributed towards company’s success by her hardworking nature and her skillful mind. Debbi inaugurated the business while Randy organized an assemblage of management structure and information systems (Cash and Ostrofsky 1993). The major boost that helped the company in its further expansion is because of the information systems along with managerial structuring in form of MIS that connected all the stores with another through a computerized system. Paul Quinn was accountable for informing Randy Fields about each and every detailed proceedings of the stores, outlets, and other working units. With the acquirement of La Petite Boulangerie, the company had some concerns, as the newly acquired French, bakery/sandwich chain was a huge sized stores chain containing 119 stores in its range (Cash and Ostrofsky 1993).
Mrs. Fields Cookies got hold of La Petite Boulangerie in 1987. After the acquisition of the chain, the initial actions that were performed by the Fields were to reduce the subsidiary’s administrative staff from fifty-three to only three (Cash and Ostrofsky 1993). According to the Fields, the administrative staff that was hired currently fifty-three in number and was handling overhead functional activities such as accounting, finance, personnel, human resources, training, and development, was not needed and was only a cause of increasing the expenses of the company. According to the Fields, they had all the required staff members in their own previous network that would handle the new-networked area as well without the involvement of more people.