Movies Crash Analysis

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At the beginning of the film, the characters judge other ethnicities based on stereotypes but after personal experiences, these characters begin to see beyond appearances. Change in Jean Cabot, Anthony and Cameron Thayer somehow comes as they crash with people who eventually change their perspectives and make them see others not through their covers but though what is inside of them.

Jean Cabot, a rich white female, is one character who learns these critical lessons when she and her husband, Rick Cabot were scared by two black men, Anthony and Peter Water who stuck a gun in their face and getting away with the couple’s car. This incident was triggered by the reaction of Jean as they approached the two black men who believed the woman to be a racist. It could have been a good reason for her to be afraid of black men because of the incident, making her behave the way she did in front of colored people. However, she goes beyond being unreasonable when she becomes suspicious of almost all the people she was dealing with as long as they are not white Americans like her. For example, when a Mexican locksmith, Daniel, comes to their house to fix her door, Jean overreacts to the man’s looks, criticizing every inch of him, including his tattoos and defends her reactions making her bad experience with the two black people as the very reason why she is almost paranoid about colored people. First of all, Daniel was not black so, I consider that as a reaction which is pretty much overdone. If her fear was caused by her earlier experience, it would have been understandable if Jean feared black men who looked like members of a gang or who seemed to be a threat. With the fact that Daniel, the locksmith, was not black and was trying to do a decent job for him to live, there was just something inside Jean that is beyond fear. As she eventually discovers during a phone call to her husband that she hated almost all the colored people around her, she confesses that to her husband.&nbsp. &nbsp.