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08 December “Glory” by Edward Zwick: Summary The most salient point of the movie Glory is the fact that it brings the contribution and efforts of the heroes that have not gained much popularity in the past because of racism, to the audience’s attention. There has been a lot of discussion about the white soldiers during the war, but only some movies like Glory have discussed the efforts made by the black soldiers. Glory celebrates the mass courage act that happened during the Civil War. Being the all-black members of the infantry, these heroes have largely been ignored. In spite of the fact that the main purpose of occurrence of the Civil War was eradication of racism from the American society, the amenities and privileges given to the white soldiers have been conventionally denied to the black soldiers. Although the black soldiers were given the most demeaning tasks, yet none of them decided to quit when they were provided with a chance to. Shaw realized that his unit was only being used to do manual labor. Another salient feature of the movie is the fact that it speaks about the bravery and courage of Shaw that is evident from his confrontation of the commanding officers after he finds that the officers are profiting from the war. Shaw threatens the commanding officers that he would notify their corruption to the War Department if his unit is not provided with a chance to combat. When granted an opportunity, the regiment takes part in a battle that happens in South California. In this battle, the regiment puts down a Confederate attack. After that, Shaw directs the regiment to lead an attack upon the Fort Wagner. The men are led in charge on the fort after the nightfall. In his attempt to unite the men forward, Shaw loses his life along with several other soldiers including Thomas, Trip, and Forbes. This movie brings the memories of those courageous black soldiers alive, thus paying a tribute to them.