Motherdaughter relationships

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At the same time, it shows the necessity to desist from such terms. Further, contextualizing this novel, it tries to explore the various ways that people make meaning pursuant to their lives characterized by conflicts that originate from gender, race, and idiosyncratic viewpoints. However, Sula rejects the simple answers that demonstrate ambiguity, a terror of life, beauty, in both its horrors and triumphs. Nevertheless, Sula illustrates the varied relationships that exist between the family members showing their importance as a tool of the social construct (Pruitt 115). Therefore, the essay will examine, analyze, and elucidate the various relationships that take the center stage of this novel. Based on the novel, the black women do not have access to the male protection. Hence, the daughter and mother relationships are fundamental for them to receive the motherly skills meant for survival. In this case, the African American parents give protection to their daughters while teaching them to love themselves for whom they are in the patriarchal society. This depiction is eminent when the mothers strive to offer protection for the undetermined dangers through giving them a sense of their unique self-worth. Although, this feeling of security and self-worth often miss in the mother and daughter relationships in Sula. The situation indicates the historical experiences of the African American that impact differently on how men, women, and their children express affection, tenderness, support, and protection to one another.