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MORE HELP WITH FINAL COURSE PROJECT Dear Class,After your Visual Artist Essay, everyone should start focusing on the Final Course Project. This document should help you with that!First of all: you can use material from your first two papers to write your final paper. You are simply building on your earlier research and writing. In fact, if you can find a way to use all of your first two papers in your final essay, that is great!LOOKING AHEAD: Remember, you will be posting the first draft of your final essay to the Week 14 Discussion Thread later on. I will give you feedback on your first drafts. After that, you will revise and submit the final draft in Week 15.If you are struggling with your final draft, please see the notes in red below. I think they will help answer many of your questions!TOPICSUsing the research you have already done, drawing on the information you have compiled and the writing you have produced in the first two essays, please complete a final research paper based on one of the following topics:Remember: you are only choosing one topic! With your other essays, you chose your own research question and thesis. Instead, for this one, it is done for you!1.How did these two people (the writer and the artist) influence society?2.What is the unique connection that these two people (the writer and the artist) share?Remember to turn your research question into a statement.For example: Tennessee Williams and Jean-MichelBasquiatare two people who forever changed the world in a variety of unique and original ways.Please use the following outline to complete the paper.I.Introduction. Introduce your question.(1 paragraph)Be brief with your introduction.For example: There are many ways in which creative people influence the world in which we live. If we look closely, we can see this. Two such great men were Tennessee Williams and Jean-MichelBasquiat.II.Briefly discuss both people.(1 paragraph)This is where you simply introduce both people.For example: Jean-MichelBasquiatwas a graffiti artist who changed the face of urban life. His artwork lives on today. Tennessee Williams was a groundbreaking playwriting who greatly impacted thetheatreworld. His influence can still be felt today.III.Discuss the visual artist in more detail. (4 paragraphs)You can take this directly from your earlier artist paper/essay.You do not have to write this from scratch.IV.Discuss the writer in more detail.(4paragraphs)This can be taken directly from the author paper you wrote in Week 3. This does not have to be written from scratch.V.Explore the answer to your question. Remember, the question is:“How did these two people (the writer and the artist) influence society?”OR “What is the unique connection that these two people (the writer and the artist) share?”Also, remember, do not use “I”.Draw conclusions based on your research. (2 pages) This is the difficult part. This is the part where you might need to write the most new material. Remember that this section is creative and original. You are not finding an exact answer to your research question. Instead, you are exploring it. This is typically the most challenging area for students.VI.Conclusion. (1 paragraph)Be brief here.For example: As you can see, these two people changed society forever. While they are gone, their lives and art are not forgotten. It will live on for future generations to enjoy.The paper MUST:1. 5-7 pages typed, double-spaced2. Contain in-text citations3. Contain A COVER PAGE4. Contain a References Page5. THIS PAPER MUST BE APA FORMATTED EXACTLY LIKE THE SAMPLE PAPER INCLUDED HERE.Please note that failure to incorporate all of these elements of a standard research paper will affect your grade._______________________________________________________________________