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Diversity management in Organizations.So far, I have been able to identify the significance of diversity knowledge by managers and other leaders in an organization. I have researched the various social constructs that are commonly used when referring to diversity in an organization. Such include race, gender, age, personality, education background, cognition level among others. In addressing the need for diversity management, I have looked at from a globalization perspective. This has been informed by the realization that globalization has enabled organizations to operate on global levels thereby recruiting employees from all walks of life. As a result, interests, values, practices, norms, cultures will often collide when they are not respected by an organization management and passed to the entire workforce. I am still working on accumulating evidence of the actual benefits of diversity management. This also includes the evidence on the challenges that managers face while striving to achieving diversity in their organization. Identifying the benefits and challenges of diversity management is critical especially now that the diversity is almost inevitable in any organization that wishes to grow internationally. Among the questions that am still struggling with include the following: what techniques can managers deploy to ensure they effectively manage diversity in their organization? How should managers ensure they prevent conflicts that emerge due to diversity in their places of work? I intend to complete this assignment by indulging in further research from literature provided in peer reviewed journal articles and any other credible sources. This will provide answers to the questions that have not yet been answered.
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