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Milestone 1: Module 2 assignment Three areas of management that I am interestedThe three areas in management that I am curious to undertake are conflict management, diversity management and gender equality. I believe these areas are crucial to the momentum of any organisation or business. Conflict management is essential since conflict is a typical incident at the workplace that can drive or mess up the energy for a manager, a team, or the whole corporation. I feel that conflict management can be a delicate thing, mainly if you are not conversant with the vast environment in which the specific person or division causing the tension works, and in what way attempts to solve conflict will resonate all through the workplace ecosystem.    Diversity management entails the differences found in a workplace, for example, cultural disparities, generational, racial and other variations. Since the ecosystem of a company is full of many contrasts, I find it interesting to study how to harmonize every individual with their differences for the improvement of the organisation. Remember all these disparities if not properly intergrated, can frequently cause conflict in the workplace. However, if the differences are strengths, then the organisation is in a better position to progress and become a better place.      Gender equality has been a struggle for the longest time. In most companies, even though the law states that gender equality should prevail, it is still not affected into reality. Women still must work three or more times harder to get positions like their male colleagues. Studying this area will enable me to acquire the skills needed to counteract gender inequalities in the organisation.