Modes of Intervention

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I have always been interested in knowing more about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since Iknow a few people who have been diagnosed with this disease. Therefore, when Ms. Julie Wonsowicz from Empact began speaking on the subject, I was all ears. The activity that she did at the beginning of the talk made me ponder some deep issues. When she asked us to write down the name of the person who we trusted the most, I had written the name of my father. Later, when she asked us to imagine what we would do if that person betrayed our trust or sexually assaulted us, I found it very hard to imagine. I have heard about several cases through television and print media about sexual assault and abuse that victims experience from their own family members, but this activity brought this reality close to home. I was struck by the physical, emotional and psychological trauma and pain that the victims undergo in these situations and the scar that it leaves behind for the rest of their life. It was very interesting to learn about how certain sounds or scenarios can cause the people suffering from PTSD have flashbacks and respond in certain ways which may seam unnatural. I was very impressed to learn about the way the human brain functions during these times and how it affects ones emotions. I was surprised to learn that women who suffer from sexual abuse and trauma are more likely to recognize this issue and seek help when compared to men. Our society has given men the image of being tough and I realized that this actually hinders their seeking the much needed help. When Ms. Wonsowicz spoke about the importance of grieving to overcome trauma, it made a lot of sense as that is a good outlet to release all the emotion that is held tightly within someone who is hurt. Overall, I found the talk very informative especially because it covered various aspects of PTSD and how it impacts ones life.