Modernism and Modernization between Japan and Korea

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´╗┐East Asian Japan Civilization Fall 2010IntroductionModernism and modernization involves an in-depth analysis on various aspects of three countries with a lucid presentation on song china, Josean Korea and Meiji Japan. At the outset this treatise has dwelt on certain parameters that embrace the country of Korea especially Josean Korea in a few words. An attempt has been made to analyze and magnify the quintessence of the comparison in the process between modernism as well as modernization. Comparison between modernism and modernization of Josean KoreaThe present day Korea is completely modernized with the advent of technology and the presence of Korean Chaebols that have the inbuilt leadership to command a major chunk of the market share as well as resources that spontaneously create an expertise and market edge to represent in global markets. Modernism means the presence of the latent modernity that involves a group of minds in a society that concentrates on modern thinking with continuous spree of modern thoughts that creates an outlook with absolute innovative and new methodologies. From this angle the economy of Korea has performed well and has been successfully withstanding the vicissitudes of uncertainties in going through the hub of the trade cycle. There has been a modern outlook in thoughts that have converged in a manner that is conducive for a rapid modernization as well as industrialization. Hence, the country witnesses strong and sound corporate known as chaebols that bring about enormous contribution to the national exchequer. (Brown, Ju, and John Brown, 2006).Comparison of Modernism and Modernization of Meiji Japan with KoreaThe qualities of modernism and modernization of Meiji Japan would involve a qualitative approach of the transition that transforms the biblical thoughts developed over time immemorial for translation of dreams into reality. This is driven to augment the possibilities of a modern civilization for the purposes of growth in an environment that is conducive for modern industrialization or for a rapid growth. A brief treatise on Civilization of Song ChinaThe civilization of Song China is accentuated for the purposes of bringing about modernity that has ultimately surfaced in spite of economies of prevalence of low cost of labor. The civilization has undergone a sea change with more awareness and an esteemed advancement in technology that has ultimately put China on the threshold of magnificence in exports and leadership in spite of communism.Does Modernism require Modernization?Modernism is a sine-qua-non for the ushering in of the modernization by involving the necessity of modern outlook to ensure the causes of modernization succeed and thrive. The logic behind this thought is unless modern outlook is prevalent the appreciation of the availability of technology. Its superiority in comparison with technologies for the same product line will not be able to be assessed for infusion of betterment of qualitative manufacture of products with additional features and sleek qualities. ConclusionThe analysis of all the civilizations of Meiji Japan, Song China and Josean Korea demarcate an innovative culture and the processes of thought of modernism and modernization. The medium of expertise in appreciation of the edge is required to stand on own legs. The sanctity for the development of modernization process is essential to understand and appreciate as well as justify the significance of modernism necessitating modernization.Work CitedBrown, Ju, and John Brown. China, Japan, Korea Culture and Customs. South Karolina: BookSurge LLC, 2006.