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Terrorism involves the use of underhand tactics in spreading fear, terror, and panic in one’s enemies. It involves the use of horrifying warfare methods against humanity using swift and unexpected means.Terrorism is majorly committed against civilian populations with the hope of instigating fear for achievement of political ends. Terrorism has become so common such that no day or week passes before an act of terrorism is reported somewhere in the world. Acts of terrorism, therefore, continue to be reported each and every day as it inflicts pain and suffering on people’s lives all over the world. The United Nations has therefore adopted eighteen universal instruments that are used to counteract acts of terror. There is an agreed strategy by the international community to counter terrorist activities. This is the fundamental framework that tackles the circumstances contributing to the spread of terrorism, prevention and combat of terrorist activities, and the universal protection of human rights in the combat of terrorist activities.Terrorism has evolved with new technology and advances in machinery in that there has been a change in the attacking mode. There is also need to have an emergency plan for quick response in case of any terrorist act.