Modern Public Health emphasises the importance of public involvement Critically and creatively analyse relevant literature to explain ways in which practitione

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Institute for Health Research “which aims to promote and support active public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research.” The group believes
Specific organization”(Department of Health, 2006). Because people are involved in making decisions about their own health care and that of those they are close to, practitioners can be instrumental in identifying the needs of the public in which it serves. Goals of the new system are to develop a “health and social care system planned around the needs of individual people and those of the community,” create services that are “ flexible, responsive, open to challenge, accountable to communities and constantly open to improvement,” and lastly, “assign decision making to the local level”(DH, 2006).
Practitioners should encourage and collaborate with educators locally to provide health topic information to the youngest of the public population who will one day become the leaders and major influence in the lives of others. Even at the youngest levels, children are capable of absorbing and processing large amounts of information.
One forum or place for health services that is becoming increasingly common is the workplace. The public is generally aware of job stress, health and safety risks and general employment practices that are unhealthy. Practitioners can also encourage local employers to become involved in the health education process, as an integral part of the
particular workplace. Practitioners can then make recommendations for changes in processes or policies that encourage better physical and mental health, fewer workplace injuries and less time taken from work. Practitioners should be open to workplace complaints that those they serve provide. They can become advocates by addressing such
diagnostic tools developed to assist them. This is a great way to influence the public and involve them in decision making processes. Allowing residents of a particular geographic area to