Modern Health Care System of Qatar Offering Free Services to People

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The Qatar Health Care System has come far off following the first hospital of the country began approximately fifty years back. At present Qatar, Health Care System has reason to be a proud holder of the most modern medical apparatus and technologies. The medical professionals of the nation are well qualified and experienced. the hospitals and the healthcare centres are broadly and uniformly spread. The Hamad Medical Corporation was in progress to make available the people of Qatar the best possible treatment and diagnosis. The Hamad Medical Corporation is a non-profit healthcare source in Qatar since it has four exceptionally alert hospitals and series of primary healthcare services. The government of Qatar has as well exposed optimistic approach to the private region to take responsibility and play a significant role in Qatar healthcare system. The first private hospitals were started in the later part of the year 1999. The private hospitals and the health centres at the present provide to the patient’s various category of specialized care. The Department of Preventive Health Care in Qatar manages the diseases which are infectious. They as well perform works of vaccination, food control, and immunization. One of the first countries which started the anti-influenza vaccine was Qatar. The Primary Health Care in Qatar to aspires to expand the social health in the country of Qatar. A variety of agendas are put into practice to elevate the health care system in Qatar (, 2009).