Modern Chinese Literature final paper proposal

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Modern Chinese Literature: final paper proposal Irrationality of contemporary leaders as depicted in Su Tong’s My Life as Emperor [Insert [Professor] JustificationThe contemporary society is facing various challenges including corruption, poverty, poor leadership, and unabated wars that are threatening to engulf the fairly just society. However, leaders, instead of making logical and rational decisions that would help in improving the quality of life, they act strangely and egocentrically to the disadvantage of subjects (Minford amp. Joseph, 2000). Exploring how this is depicted in Su Tong’s My Life as Emperor will help in uncovering the evils coxswained by leaders and help contemporary leaders to change their malevolent ways. Outline1. Introduction i. Leaders often deteriorate the state of the lives of their subjects due to mishandling of crucial political matters.ii. In this unnerving yet immensely hilarious tale, Su Tong explicates how an indulged and naïve boy aged 14, Duanbai, finds himself in the position of an emperor (Hussein, 2005). iii. He becomes overly drunk with powers and mishandles his territory due to poor decision-making.2. (a). Duanbai, rather than dealing with issues inside and outside the palace through dialogue, he chooses to wield an iron fist. i. A faithful soldier is executed following his orders (Su amp. Howard, 2005).ii. He deals with the antagonism from his brothers with a lot of cruelty (Hussein, 2005). (b). Contemporary leaders are easily coerced by those close to them thus debilitating their ability to make meaningful decisions on matters of national importance.i. Duanbai, the emperor lives a shallow life as his grandmother makes most decisions pertaining to matters of state. ii. There exists rivalry between Duanbai’s stepmother and father as the mother did not want Duanbai to be the emperor, but the father disregarded this and picked Duanbai (Su amp. Howard, 2005). iii. The stepmother uses all tricks within her reach to frustrate Duanbai’s regime including linking him to prostitutes (Hussein, 2005). iv. More experienced statesmen reduce him to a puppet (Su amp. Howard, 2005). (c). Choosing the wrong people and making them friends to the leadership further frustrates the leadership’s ability to deliver on its promises (Minford amp. Joseph, 2000).i. Duanbai chose the wrong enemies who later worked towards his downfall (Hussein, 2005).ii. His cruel rules are spearheaded by those believing that it suits the supporters (Su amp. Howard, 2005). (d). Conclusioni. Duanbai’s misdoing and his illogicality lead to his untimely failure.ii. Leaders must be keen when making decisions and when choosing their associates. BibliographyHussein, A. My Life As Emperor, by Su Tong, Trans. Howard Goldblatt – Reviews – Books. The Independent. Last modified 2005., J., and Joseph S. M. Lau. Classical Chinese Literature. New York: Columbia University Press, 2000. Su, T, and Howard, G. My Life As Emperor. New York: Hyperion East, 2005.