Mock Interview with Edward Snowden

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Throughout my working, I have learned our government is doing the exact opposite of what it purports to do in our name.Edward Snowden: I have worked thought in security settings, and more particularly in the settings of information security. I can assure you what the government is doing against you against the law the very laws it is supposed to protect are a lot. They pretend to be following the law, protecting your security, your privacy and working for the interest of the nation when in actual sense they are just working for their interests. They intercept all your telephone conversations. your activity on social media is spied on in the name of national security including your very private pictures yet the law protects the privacy of every individual. I thought things would change when President Barrack Obama was elected but to my shock, whistleblowers have been prosecuted at an alarming rate in this administration. It came to my realization that I was just part of the harm and nothing was going to happen to make the truth known unless I acted myself on what I strongly believe in. My experience of what our government is doing against us and other people the world over informs and more especially my stint in Geneva strongly informed my decision to do at least something.Interviewer: Do you ever ponder the fact that it was actually wrong to release the documents and circulate them against our employer and government? Didn’t you think you were betraying and actually sabotaging?Edward Snowden: One may want to look at it the same way you are doing but for me, it was a bigger picture. A strong belief in the rule of law, the right to privacy as envisaged in America’s own constitution and equality for all are principles dear to my heart. I worked shortly in the military, at the CIA, NSA, and for private companies.