Mobile Marketing Applications The Broadway Cafe

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that the relationship between consumers and branding is arguably paramount in determining the center of how the value should be marketed to retain and persuade new customers. Indeed, whilst loyalty programs have been viewed as incentives for consumers, the type of loyalty programs in ensuring brand loyalty in the long term has become increasingly dictated by the consumer. Therefore, the increase of consumer power arguably forces organizations to undertake a more lateral approach to marketing as opposed to merely focusing on competitors. This argument is reinforced by the proposition of Weinberg et al that organizations shouldn’t assume what the customers want, but that it is imperative for organizations to add value in addressing consumer needs to survive in the multichannel marketplace. With regard to the Broadway Café, the difficult economic conditions have created changes in consumer attitudes towards price sensitivity with consumers increasingly attracted to discounts and money-saving initiatives. Therefore, as Broadway Café’s customers are all mobile and the majority of people have mobile phones, the introduction of mobile coupons would be a great tool to increase brand awareness and encourage repeat business with the introduction of discounts. Additionally, the use of mobile coupons is better than printed coupons as these are often lost or forgotten and will have an expiry date. In contrast, the fact that most people regularly access their mobile phones throughout the day clearly renders m-coupons a great tool for the purpose of branding and as it is electronic Aktas highlights that they, therefore, provide a convenient, discount or rebate delivered to the mobile device of the person.