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University of Phoenix Material           Marketing LemonadeScenarioYour team is looking for a way to make some revenue as either a for-profit or not-for-profit organization. This organization can market locally, nationally, or internationally, and can be a privately-owned company or a franchised organization. The product that you have decided to sell is lemonade. To make the endeavor work, you will have to define the product that you will be selling (that is some marketable form of this drink) and decide on a target market.  Your marketing team’s mission is to prove the company’s goals will be met by providing research, strategy development, and reasoning why this form of this product is viable In this first half of the project, you will report on the following:· Target market· Product’s definition to the target marke· Viable pricing strategy· Brand’s position in the competitive environmentComplete the following1. Select a company name and determine the real business world industry of operation. Company Name Industry of Operation Hydrise Lemonade Describe in no more than 90 words the new and unique form of lemonade that will be launced by your company. Hydrise lemonade is an exciting new energetic lemonade that is not only delicious but contains different vitamins. This lemonade will not have any unnecessary ingredients that can harm your health.Hydrise lemonade is refreshing and will come in two different flavors: lemonade and pink lemonade. This is a great way to start your day and get the energy you need to survive through the day. Complete the chart in a total of 90 words describing your organization. Who are they Industry of Operation Mission and Values Differentiation from other organizations Hydrise is a for-proft organization of a group of entrepreneurs that want to improve everyday lifestyles. One good decision at a time. Hydrise primary industry of operation is in the dietery and fitness industry. Our mission is to help people make a good and quick decisions everyday that will promote health and fitness into their meal. What makes us stand out from the rest of the organizations is the fact that we take energizing drinks back to its core. We like to keep it simple as far as the nutrients and vitamins we put in it as well as the flavor. Identify the following in no more than 90 words regarding your target market. Composition of target market Our target is people who are searching for simple, delicious and cost effective ways to promote health and fitness into their diets. It is targeted to anyone who eats healthy, deiting or working out. Segmentation criteria used in idenfitication Our target market is composted of business professionals, athletes, and college students. We want to reach people who want to improve their diets small steps at a time with something, delicious, cheap, simple and healthy. Determine in no more than 90 words how you will define the lemonade to your target market (include information on packaging, labeling, etc.). How will this add value and differentiate the brand and product from the competition while encouraging the target market to buy? Target Market Definition Differentiation Complete the chart in a total of no more than 90 words to compare your company with industry competitors. Top Business Industry Competitors Your Company’s Positioning Define the pricing strategy in no more than 90 words that you will use for the introduction of the product. Discuss in no more than 90 words the maturity life cycle stages of your product. Stage of Maturity Life Cycle Discussion Describe in 90 words how you will use suppliers, agents, or distributors to create your distribution channel. It is important to find the right channels of business to distribute our product through. To make this product widely available we will need to have the product in retail and wholesell outlets. We will include our product in distributions to make it available to a mass amount of retailers, contractors, and end users. To make the brand known and pushed to these companies we will hire agents and brokers to sell our product to the companies and end users that way we will be more likely to have a larger amount of traction on the product as well as a well known brand.