Mkt mgt part 2

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This paper discusses the important facets which are required within the understanding of the final deliverable – the magazine itself (McCalley 1992). The segmentation, targeting and positioning of the product is quintessential towards achieving a clear cut understanding as to what exactly the newspaper is looking forward to in the coming times. In short, there has been an endeavor to balance the strengths of the magazine alongside its grey areas so that the company benefits from the same in the long term scheme of things.
The market that is chosen for this product is that of United States of America. The market is comprised of individuals who hail from the middle class segment of the society. This segment of the society basically takes into consideration those people who earn their livelihood through day jobs and hence feed their families in a very hand to mouth approach. They buy newspapers in order to remain abreast of the world situations and events. Similarly, they will be receiving this magazine without any extra cost to their pocket. The market is segmented in such a way that it will cater to the desires of the audience and hence would take care of the needs and wishes of the segment that is being spoken about here. More than anything else, the segmentation is based on the principle of bringing about a major change within the lives of the youngsters by propagating a message of love, peace and understanding that will be inculcated through this new magazine that is a part of the newspaper which their parents have been buying for a long period of time now. Therefore the market would be segmented in such a manner that it brings about a proper divide amongst the masses and allocates the exact individuals who would be targeted with this magazine. The aim of the magazine is to make sure that the people remain in line with their understandings of a