Miyazakis Animations and the Japanese Culture

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This essay stresses that the contemporary society does not embody any relationship between financial independence and the spirits. Contextually, many people engage in modern jobs to earn money and not to pursue their dreams. As opposed to the ancient Japan where people engaged in work and believed in spirits as the ones that provide and help in their various life instances.
This paper makes a conclusion that the Japanese society had a matriarchal system where women could take control of family structures and various relationships in the family. However, the gender and gender roles gradually changed due to modernization and Westernization influenced by the Second World War, Western culture, and advancements made in technology. Through Miyazaki, a renowned film director in Japan, the Japanese Society received various works that enhanced the shift of gender roles. Miyazaki’s personal psyche had a great impact on his animation career and bring about a positive influence on the shift evidenced in the Japanese shift regarding gender roles. Kiki’s Delivery Services forms a basis for the shift of gender roles seen in Japan through Miyazaki’s contributions. Confucianism in the ancient Japan accelerated the change of gender roles since the Japanese copied the modern cultures from China and Korea. Therefore, Hayao Miyazaki makes a considerable contribution toward the changing of culture in Japan through his Kiki’s Delivery Service, his personal psyche and commitment to the animation industry.