Mixed Higher Education is not as Effective for Those Female Students Who Come From Single Sex Schools in Middle East

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Traditions in the Middle East are strictly observed. The Sharia law upholds morals and values of women in a strict manner. Girls are supposed to behave in such manners as dictated by the Sharia law. The law requires women to cover their faces. Girls going to a single-gender school interact with other girls of their age-set. For girls attending primary school education becomes cheap to comprehend and follow. According to Hill traditions are the basis of the Arab culture, and at no time will leverage be used to measure the value of people (Hill, 1993, p. 201). The Islam religion makes it easy for students to uphold values in an appropriate manner. The culture practiced in the Arab countries conforms to their traditions based on the Sharia law. The Muslim sorority is always keened on defending values, morals and the integrity of the society. In perchance, the best that girls achieve in primary schools is proactive in their day-to-day lives. The veracity with which decent is sustained goes a long way in advocating for the education rights of the girl child. The system of education in Middle East has been formed with an aim of integrating all genders. The students are given an opportunity to learn together and socialize. The primary education is made up of kindergarten schools, nursery and primary schools. Single-sex school system boosts intellectual attainment. Girls do not feel repressed or constrained in this environment. Gender bias and lack of attention to girls by teachers are not evident in single-gender schools, unlike in a mixed school. Girls in this school get motivated and receive broad experiences (Hill, 1993, p. 156). There is implementation of culture-centered models in the single-sex system. The system centers on the… This essay approves that the effectiveness of a girl child from a single-sex school going to a mixed-sex higher school is slow and often leads to a poor showing of performance by the girl child. Girls who come from Middle East and attended primary education in their native country will have a lot of difficult in class. For one to be effective in any field, experience and habits are very essential to such people. Being used to a scenario will promote the behavior of a person. Mixed-sex higher school is effective to the girl child from the single-sex school. This is because there is no close correlation between gender and performance. Girls have the ability to perform well in any system no matter the environment. Mixed higher learning will give the girl child the strength to compete favorably well with the boy child. Since, the system is in the higher level it does not have any bearing in the performance of the girls. Studies show that the coeducational system is the most efficient as it gives both gender the opportunity to engage and find solve the problems facing them as members of different gender.This report makes a conclusion that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Girls from the single sex schools will not be effective in their studies when they are taken to mixed higher learning in the Middle East. The traditions, values and the environment they are used to form a big base of their success. It does not matter the essence of gender, girls will do and perform normally whether in single-sex schools or the mixed-gender schools.