Mission Accomplished

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Choose ONE of the following questions to respond to in your paper. Think of a company whose product or service you feel strongly about (positive or negative). Research that company’s mission statement. Do you think the company is achieving its mission? Be sure to include the company, the mission statement, and reasons why you think the company is or isn’t achieving its mission. In your reading on forecasting, you read examples of botched forecasts by business leaders, including one from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicting in 2012 that the iPhone wouldn’t get any significant market share. Why do you think it’s difficult for businesses to accurately forecast the future when planning? In your reading, we identified six steps of the planning process: Define objectives Develop premises Evaluate alternatives Identify resources Plan and implement tasks Determine tracking and evaluation methods Which step do you think businesses most often overlook or fail to adequately address when making plans? Why? 14/05/20206businessfinance