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ASSIGNMENT #4: “MINI PROSPECTUS” ASSIGNMENT (Need to Include all 9 parts)Aresearch prospectusis a preliminary plan for conducting a study. This is not a detailed, technicalresearchproposal, but, rather, a considered analysis of the issues you are likely to confront in such a study. In essence, it is a preliminary proposal.A WORKING TITLE FOR YOUR PROJECTRESEARCH PROBLEMRATIONALEWHICH ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES WILL BE EXPLORED?PROBLEM STATEMENTRESEARCH QUESTIONS (need at least two)PURPOSE STATEMENTEXPECTED OUTCOMESREFERENCES Need to have a minimum 4 “current” (2014- 2019) academic journalRUBRIC:INTRODUCTION _____ 5%RESEARCH PROBLEM _____ 20%RATIONALE _____ 10%WHICH ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES WILL BE EXPLORED? _____ 5%PROBLEM STATEMENT _____ 5%RESEARCH QUESTIONS _____ 10%PURPOSE STATEMENT _____ 10%EXPECTED OUTCOMES _____ 10%CONCLUSION _____ 5%REFERENCES _____ 10%FORMAT (margination, pagination; citations; references; headers;gender-biased language, etc.) _____ 5%Percentage Point _____ 100Total Points (out of 20) _____ /2025/04/202020education