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IT 600 Final Project Milestone Three Template: Full Organizational ProfileChaston Carter GPOS Feature Profile Criteria Student Analysis Multiprogramming Tech Description This is a basic system of parallel processing in which several programs are executed simultaneously on a uniprocessor.  Since the operating system has only one processor, it will only execute only one of the programs at a time though the user sees as if all the programs are running at the same time.  If the machine has the capability of causing interruption to the system, then the operating system will run one program and then execute the other after a given time. For a system with the capability of protecting memory, a bug in one program will less likely disrupt the execution of other programs unlike3 when the system does not have memory protection and can cause interruption to other programs causing a system crash. Business Requirement Multiprogramming would undoubtedly be of significant help to TSI since they use a single processor that processes one program at a time similar to First In First Out. If a big program needs to run it would block minor executions until it completes. Application Benefit Multiprogramming is more beneficial since many processes can be accomplished simultaneously, therefore, many things can be accomplished within a given period of time. Implementation Tasks Implementing multiprogramming entails the designing of the program on the operating system that completes tasks in the order in which the programmer sets. The system executes the program in bits until the all the programs are executed. Multiprocessing Tech Description Unlike multiprogramming, multiprocessing will run multiple processors which can work on two processes simultaneously. Multiprocessors need access memory to complete and are bigger than threads. Business Requirement The utilization of multiprocessors will double the speed compared to single processor systems meaning service time will significantly decline creating more efficiency for customer service. Application Benefit It is applicable to systems that use one processor but at the same time it’s faster than multiprogramming on one processor and therefore, faster and more efficient. Implementation Tasks Utilization of multiprocessor will require the installation of another processor. The operating system on the other hand will require to be programmed in order to use both processors in order to increase efficiency. Multithreading Tech Description Multithreading uses cache to be shared much quickly. Threads creates process together and are faster as compared when bigger processes require to main memory which can take much longer time. In contrast, threads are more scalable since their processing is faster in RAM. Business Requirement TSI should work towards the removal of the thread functionality due to the lack of system call interface which are beyond open, close, read and write. TSI on its capacity cannot create multiple threads. Application Benefit Threads are speedy access so multithreading is quicker than multiprocessing. Nevertheless, multithreading can make multiprocessing faster because threads make up a process in the process table. Implementation Tasks It is crucial for TSI to employ a better system call interface that will support more command multithreading. This will improve the system efficiency for use in the long term. Virtual Memory Tech Description Virtue memory is the pages of data transfer from the RAM the disk and protects the system from crashing. It acts as a temporary transfer when the RAM is overloaded. Business Requirement Virtue memory is used to reinforce systems with inadequate memory to protect them from crushing. TSI need a virtual memory that uses paging so that their systems can be protected from constant crashing. Application Benefit Virtual memory will always stop programs from running into each other when the threads have their own address space. Implementation Tasks TSI would implement virtual memory by the threads their own address space to be retrieved in cache then allow the multiple programs to use the threads simultaneously. System Call Interface Tech Description The system call interface is the one that translates the command the user gives to the computer into a kernel language in order to execute the command. Organizations like TSI need to develop system call interface that translates commands into kernel language for the customers and also have manual repair for the problems. Business Requirement TSI need to have system call interface since they are currently using the basic interface that is not compatible with other types of software. They need the system user interface in order to make it more efficient for their customers and to reduce the manual work for the developers when trying to repair and maintain current software. Application Benefit Utilization of a better system call interface would be beneficial for the customer and would save TSUI from creating work rounds for their customers. Their system would be more efficient and easy to implement. Implementation Tasks TSI should d implement their own system call interface. The customers need to have a template for their operating system software which is the area TSI should concentrate on. Security Tech Description Security form the technical sense is the protection of the software from unauthorized access to the system information. Even the people who work in the organization should only have access to the information that is necessary. Business Requirement TSI should be keen on their low security levels and therefore should integrate security systems to their software to prevent unauthorized access to their information and login to the systems. Application Benefit Security is the main feature that the customer will look at when making decision on the software they want to buy, therefore, enhanced security will increase the customers for their products. Implementation Tasks TSI should ensure that the system access is only accessible by a given category of their employees or they can outsource. Device Drivers Tech Description Device drivers control the connection of a device to a program. All the devices that are connected to the computer must have drivers for them to be compatible to the program. Business Requirement TSI should use custom programming to make device drivers to ensure that they are compatible with all the software instead of creating different device drivers for each customer. Application Benefit TSI device drivers have better compatibility with other devices drivers although their systems lack other key components. Implementation Tasks TSI need to create software that allows other device drivers to function on their computers instead of creating a new device for each customer. Fault Tolerance Tech Description Fault tolerance puts up with problems and protects the system from crashing. It makes it possible to create a different program that will make changes before the crash of the system. Business Requirement TSI is faced with the problem of programming for all the things they would like to create due to lack of the required programming skills even though they make their own devices. They need to employ more fault tolerance which they can do by employing more experienced programing expert. Application Benefit New programming expert would be of great help since they will protect the system from crashing often and also retain as well as attract more customers. Implementation Tasks An experienced programming expert would create codes that will prevent the system from crashing more often. Insert recommendation below Due to the level of clients that TSI work with, it will be of great importance to ensure that security concerns inherent with their systems are addressed early enough before the situation move out of hand. To begin with, multiprogramming would be necessary for TSI to upgrade their systems. Also multiprocessing on each processor will also upgrade their system and make it efficient to work with. Upgrade of the virtual memory as well as security enhancement are areas that the company need to address with their clients to get areas recommendations on what they can do to reinforce their security concerns.  The security needs to be outsourced and higher new programming experts who are more experienced to contrivance multiprogramming as well as virtual memory. In brief, TSI need to work in collaboration with more experienced staff to handle the prevailing challenges.