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Milestone One: Situation AnalysisSouthern New Hampshire UniversityChaston CarterBusiness-Related Challenges Faced by the OrganizationThe organization I chose is the Top Secret Inc. (TSI) which is an operating system organization dealing mainly with embedded operating systems for controls systems and alarm systems. The TSI faces various challenges while carrying out their business and this includes the inability of their operating systems to run more than one program at a time. This is to say that when the operating system is handling a task, it has no ability to handle another task concurrently until it finishes the one and embarks on the other one (Tanenbaum, Andrew & Bos, Herbert, 2015).Additionally, the operating system for TSI only handles specific calls such as open calls, closed calls or read calls and writes calls. This is attributed to the fact that the operating systems do not have call interfaces and thus the back office applications which offer multithreaded operations are not found also. In this regards, the TSI will only use the open source software which the developers have the ability to remove the multithreading functionality and operate smoothly and successfully.Further, the TSI developers lack the access to the systems call and therefore resort to using the long process of getting access by use of the API which invokes the system call. This process, therefore, puts a lot of limitations on the activities carried out using the system calls with more challenges arising when the developers have to customize the responses of calls through the modification of the traps to fit the kernel mode (Tolomei, 2017).  In addition, the TSI systems have no confidentiality and integrity since the network is unsecured and thus vulnerable to being hacked.Related Case StudyThe case study which is related to TSI is that of Joy entertainment which commenced its operations using a single operating system. The major role of the business was to deliver DJ services for the clients. However, with the increase in demand for DJ services, there was a need to ensure that there are multiprogramming and system call interfaces to be put in place. This, in essence, denoted that upgrade of their system was very important so as to attain the desired growth.Moreover, the company required more than one CPU systems which will enable them to carry out their processes efficiently and numerously leading them to meet the client demands. There was also a need for security which enables the support for the files deemed confidential so as to ensure that the owner and not the contractors manage the company. Back up as well was necessary since the company saved their files and therefore the need to ensure the security of such files (Tanenbaum, Andrew & Bos, Herbert, 2015). How the features played a role in my productivity at School The multiprogramming and multithreading, as well as call interfaces and backup devices, are some of the features of the GPOS. In essence, taking an online course is very challenging, but the assistance features which are linked to the assignments and storage features is a very important feature. This makes the work easier and most importantly less complicated. It is worth noting that lack of memory storage will make one to find difficulty in saving their files o that it can be used in the future (Tolomei, 2017).  In this regards, these features are apparently very crucial to stack with any operating system as it ensures the smooth running of the tasks in a system.ReferenceTolomei, Gabriele (2017). Multiprogramming, Multiprocessing, Multitasking and Multithreading. Retrieved from, Andrew S. & Bos, Herbert (2015). Modern Operating System 4th edition. Pearson Education, Inc.