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RESEARCH goes here] [Your goes here] [Your college In this paper, the issue of network security was discussed toknow its importance, as well as some main threats associated to networks. Network security was identified as the mechanism for the protection of computer networks from different sorts of threats. Some core issues related to network security were identified and discussed. Those issues included the risks and negative aspects associated with the mechanisms of authentication, access types, and authorization.Network Security Network security is the mechanism for the protection of computer networks from different sorts of threats. Network security works by identifying the potential threats to the network and applying the most appropriate measures to deal with the identified threats. It is a fact that current mechanisms of network security are not able to handle the threat of network attacks properly which mainly occurs through worms and viruses. Worms and viruses are considered two of the main threats to computer networks (Thomas amp. Stoddard, 2012, p. 293). Although computer science professionals have developed suitable mechanisms to reduce the occurrences of virus and worm attacks, yet they need to deal with the information theft issue, which is one of the main network security concerns these days. Software-Defined networking is one of the main mechanisms that can be used in the future to improve the security of networks (Fehr, 2013, p. 17).Some of the main mechanisms related to network security include authentication, access types, and authorization.Authentication Authentication is the process of recognizing accesses to a network (Ciampa, 2012, p. 367). Authentication of the users is still a major issue related to network security. Sometimes networks fail to correctly recognize unregistered users which results in creating security risks for the network.Access Types Access types means mechanisms to access information from the network. One can access the information from the network using WIFI-Protected Access. However, hacker attempts on such networks can be harmful for the security of data being sent onto the network. Authorization Authorization makes use of file permissions which are the lists of users allowed to access the network. Sometimes file permissions become unable to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized users as the result of which hacker and virus attacks may occur on the network.Summing it up, network security is one of the critical issues related to the field of computer science. IT professionals need to resolve this issue properly in order to enhance network security and improve user experience.ReferencesCiampa, M. (2012). Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals (4th ed.). Boston: Cengage Learning.Fehr, S. (2013). Flexible networks for better security. Network Security, 2013(3), 17-20.Thomas, T., amp. Stoddard, D. (2012). Network Security First-Step (2nd ed.). Indianapolis: Cisco Press.