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The orders which are presented in the Microcosm film encompasses dragonfly, grasshoppers, rhinoceros beetle, praying mantis, moth, cutworm, ant, dung beetles, wasps, sacred beetle, bee, climbing caterpillar, wriggler, swallow-tail butterfly, 3rd instar larvae hatching into butterfly, black ants, spiders in their spider web, cricket, pavement ant, ladybird with seven spots, great peacock moth and a mosquito. In addition, cabbage looper caterpillar is also depicted.The behaviors exhibited include geotropism which is seen in the growing plant tendrils. In addition, insect pollination is also exhibited. Also, a bee is portrayed sucking nectar from a full blown flower. In addition, black ants are seen feeding on excretion materials from the thrips. Also, lady birds are seen mating. Caterpillars are also seen depicting mimicry and camouflage to evade predators. In addition, the slug is seen gliding in a moist environment covered with green grass. Slugs are also seen mating. One of the most surprising bit about the film is the bit a caterpillar is seen breaking out of a cocoon and then feeding on it afterwards. Furthermore, the film shows a spider which abruptly pounces on a grasshopper and stops it from escaping by deploying its spider web to tie them up. It’s fascinating to observe how insects are trapped in a spider web and later fed on by the king spider. An additional intriguing observation is made on how preys are trapped then wrapped by a spider web to paralyse them to enhance the liberty of the king spider to feed on them.