Micro economics assignments(video response)

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In tandem with the second video, the third video focuses upon engaging the consumer outside the traditional ad. As such, the video focuses upon the fact that individuals have lost interest in the traditional advertising spot and have ultimately to get out. oftentimes relying upon alternative approaches as a means of integrating with the consumer. Finally, the fourth video engage the viewer with an understanding of the importance of consumer sentiment and the relevance of test groups, market outreach, market research, and psychology with regards to ultimately selling a product to a given consumer. Within such a level of analysis, each of these specific videos helps to discuss and analyze the manner through which human activity is formed on a subconscious level and the manner through which an advertiser/marketer can impact upon this. … Likewise, this reduction in the cost of most goods would lead the reader to question why the consumer price index itself has not dropped further. The video explains that whereas consumer goods have come to be much lower in overall costs, the basket of goods and services that is measured as a means of determining CPI and inflation rates is predicated not only upon consumable goods. rather, it includes luxury items, things such as the average mortgage, services to include legal and repair, and even out of country holidays. As such, almost each and every single one of these has risen. thereby creating a situation in which inflation continues to rise even though salaries are rising at the same time and the cost of consumer goods is dropping. Work Consulted Addicted to Cheap Shopping? Why the Real Cost of Goods Keeps Going Down. Dir. BBC News. Perf. n/a.2012. BBC News, 2012. Film. Frontline. Dir. PBS News. Perf. n/a/=.2012. PBS, 2012.