Mexican Culture and Taboos

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&nbsp.They are very sensitive to status and hence leaders should dress well and hold a meeting in first-class restaurants (Do’s &amp. Don’ts, n.d). Mexicans are friendly people, and this is mainly shown by their greeting especially hugs between men or parts at the back. Avoid taking yellow flowers when visiting since they are associated with funerals. One is needed to be patient in negotiation (Axtell, 2007).

Some Mexican men still mustache. The Mexican model of dressing makes it a taboo to show a man’s naked body. The Mexican taboos have been in place since the 15th century with the settlement of New Spain. Tremendous change has occurred with some taboos, for example, inhibiting women’s rights being abandoned (Kirkwood, 2000).

It is, therefore, evident that Mexico still holds to its cultures and visitors should learn such cultures in order to fit into that society. Interactions with other cultures especially the American culture has however led to many young and literate people abandoning these taboos.