Methods Of Relaxing In Modern World

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The sun was shining brightly from the blue skies. I took my seat and sat quietly for about an hour. While staying in the woods I heard different sounds. Some of them included: Whistling of birds on the trees Occasional chirping of crickets Slight whistling of the pine trees Sounds that were made from human beings that I heard included. A slight cough from the male student that was seated with the lady. The lady’s giggling sound. A cacophony of voices from students playing basketball from the court on the west side of the woods. The soft sound of my breathing. Part C: A string of thoughts raced through my mind while I was seated in the woods. In one case I thought of reading a book, unfortunately, I had carried no book with me. I also yearned for a mobile computing device like a laptop, a tablet or a Smartphone to browse through my social media profile pages. I also began to think of the term’ lonely’ and what it might really mean for people that do not have anyone to talk to or confide in. I also imagined a world where other people do not live but only one person lives. A world where there is only one person. I was imagining of how such a solitary dweller would be going about his life. I also reflected on my life and what I would want to do with it after finishing my undergraduate degree course. I had always harbored this ambition that one day I would love to travel the world. I tried to bring into vivid reality, what it would mean for me going on African nature trails and camping. I also thought what nature of sounds would be in the world had human beings not invented automobiles and established industries. At the beginning of my stay there, I found it challenging to stay seated in the woods doing nothing. But as more and more thoughts went through my mind, I began to realize that I was getting more comfortable staying there.