Methods in Health Promotion

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Due to the need for interpreters with many survey interviews, the researcher can ensure that the interpreter is asking the right questions in the appropriate manner, by being present in personal interviews. Finally, descriptive research includes a measureIf a paper survey were administered to a larger Lebanese population, throughout Australia, for example, each participant might still require the use of an interpreter, at great expense. Logistically, administering a pen and paper questionnaire on a larger scale would create far greater need for phone contact with clinics and health care providers, a longer time for gathering of survey results and possibly a far lower rate of response. Reliance on health care clinicians, who may already be overworked, might result in missed opportunities for qualifying participants. Furthermore, health care providers the and clinicians might identify participants whois large enough to provide a sample of the Lebanese population and to provide interpreter services, when necessary. Close proximity to the University of Sydney allows for consulting on various aspects of research and design and access to volunteers, who were willing to serve. The open-ended questions allow for study participants to provide answers that involve physical, emotional and psychological effects of having Diabetes, in the Lebanese culture. It is an experience that may be unique to this population, considering the unique features of the Lebanese culture.