Metabolic disease or food insecurity

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I got to know the statistics of food hunger, which are indeed alarming. Whereas past units have improved my skills on literature reviews, this one has improved my research skills and polished them while I was collecting stats and data for the report. I am looking forward for more interesting assignments so that I may sharpen my capabilities. Part 2 Introduction: According to the United Nations food security can be defined as: ‘all people at all times, hav[ing] both physical and economic access to the basic food they need’ (United Nations, 2013). The issue of food security is undoubtedly an important and complex one which is also at risk because of many factors. The guarantee of food security is confirmed and assured for around 2 billion people across the globe. however the statistics are opposing and quite alarming. This paper is aimed to provide a report to the Federal Health Minister having a scheme to solve the issue of food insecurity. Moreover it will also discuss the issue of food insecurity in humans. This report will try to include all the possible and relevant information regarding the issue of food insecurity in Australia. Moreover the purpose of this report is to draw the attention of the Federal Health Minister to look into the matter and leave no trace of the issue. This report will also focus on the current food security plans and will also provide recommendations, and a distinctive approach to overcome the existing issue. Although much has been done in Australia regarding the issue, but there still are some people who are facing the issue, therefore this report is dedicated for those people and will try to help and ease them with the help of the Federal Health Minister. It should be understood that there are certain reasons which contributes towards the issue of food insecurity. Factors such as change in climate, development of major cities (urban development), the increase in population, and change / shifts in the oil prices which has its influence on almost every aspect of the human life. Such issues when merged bring a negative impact on the food securities resulting in the deficit of supply to all individuals of different states (Luck, et al., 2010). Food insecurity has been a very deep and significant issue round the world. Being an issue of global importance, different theories, researches and articles have been presented in order to counter the issue and to provide a credible and sound solution. However the issue is still a major one in a no of countries, particularly Australia. However, many countries have been able to improve their food plans through different agendas and approaches. It is believed that the set hunger target on a global level is likely to be achieved by 2015, while the issue is still a major one in many countries (Wahlqvist, 2011). Just like any other country in the world, Australia also gives its citizen the right of food security as the basic human right. The Australian government tries to assure that safe and sufficient food is delivered across Australia so that all the Australians may live an active and healthy life. Unfortunately, there are some areas in which people run out of the basic food items on a aroutine basis. They have to come across many obstacles on their way to access food and other requirements. While enough healthy food stays a question. According to a survey it was concluded that there are 870 million people worldwide who