Metabical Questions

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From this paper it is clear that once the need is recognized and the problem identified, consumers engage in information search during which they attempt to find proper solutions to the problems. Consumers acquire information from various sources in order to make independent decisions and evaluate the options available for them. Information during this stage can be acquired from the internet, newspapers and even magazines. Once the information on the product of choice is acquired, consumers undergo a process of evaluating the alternatives available. This is done through the analysis of different product brands in stock within the market and whether they can fulfill a current need. During this stage, consumers may also engage other players within the market to acquire information on the different products available.
This discussion highlights that&nbsp.after critical evaluation of the alternatives in the market, the consumers can either decide to make a purchase or not based on how convinced they are. In this case, the consumer may decide to engage in the metabolic weight loss program based on whether the information acquired was convincing enough or not. During this stage, the consumer determines whether the purchase was well informed and whether a similar decision can be made in the future.&nbsp.Cognitive dissonance will be embraced in this instance to demonstrate whether the consumer’s decision was right.