Mendel Genetics Using Brassica Rapa

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Through the experiment, the hypothesis that the presence of purple pigment is dominant and the trait follows Mendelian laws will be tested. Through analysis of the experimental data collected revealing the dominance of the purple stem trait and a literature review of qualitative and quantitative data, the result will be analyzed to determine if the hypothesized prediction that the phenotypical ratio of 3:1 is established, in accordance with the Mendelian laws. …
Materials and Method To conduct this experiment, heterozygous P Brassica rapa seeds were planted on day one and cultivated in 28 by 55 centimeter plastic pots in an artificial soil compound of an equal mixture of peat moss and vermiculite and watered with distilled water on regular intervals (6). The plants were grown at a controlled temperature of 32?C under regular illumination from fluorescent lamps (7). The seeds, potting soil, and planters were the materials used for this portion of the experiment. The genotype of the parent plants used was F1, Non-Purple Stem, and Hairless. One parental plant was true breeding and green and the other parental plant was true breeding and purple. Once the seedlings began to sprout on the fourth or fifth day, the numbers of purple and green stem phenotype was recorded. The plants began to flower between days nine and eleven and were cross pollinated on day fourteen. Seed pods began to appear on day twenty-one, at which point they will be collected and germinated in the same manner as the parent plants. The number of purple and green stem phenotypes will be counted among the F1 generation to ascertain whether they follow the Mandelian principles. The seeds will appear above ground and will be collected, allocated, and counted according to the number of total seeds that germinate and the stem color of the seeds that germinate. Results Figure 1 Section 001 Table # 1 # Germinated Seeds Purple Phenotypes Green Phenotypes 1 63 51 10 2 99 78 5 3 90 74 5 4 80 56 16 5 74 58 3 6 39 25 10 Total 445 342 49 Figure 2 Section 002 Table # 2 # Germinated Seeds Purple Phenotypes Green Phenotypes 1 172 140 28 2