Men’s Health Interview

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I felt like I had to continually up the stakes each time because I could never get the same thrill otherwise. I would say that the problem peaked during the first year or two of my marriage because I needed an outlet to relieve stress.The problem affected my life in many ways, but most of all I would say that it changed my personality and how I acted around other people. I became so uptight because I saw everything as a chance to win rather than just enjoying life. Looking back on it now I can say that I was really unhappy during that time.At first there was not a great effect on my finances. I only gambled away small amounts of money, and I tended to win back almost the same amount. The time when it really became an issue on my finances was when I got married because for the first time in my life my money was not my own. The problem did affect many other areas of my life because I could not afford regular things such as trips away or new furniture.Yes, my relationships did suffer greatly during that time. From a personal point of view, I lost many friends because I had to borrow from them and then I could not afford to pay them back. In terms of family relationships, I became known as someone who was unreliable. It did cause friction between me and my family, and it was particularly hard on my wife.I decided to seek help because I could see no way out of my struggle. I was ashamed to ask for help, but it could to the point where I really didnt have a choice because I could not see a proper future for myself. Getting help for my gambling problem was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.I was given a lot of advice, particularly from my family. They knew that I was going down a bad path, and they wanted to see some change in my life. My wife was always constantly harassing me to seek some help, but it wasnt really until my first child was born that she really put her foot down. It was at that point that I realized I needed some