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3750 Unfortunately, after one year of operations in China, the company’s headquarter did not satisfy the Chinese performance according to the objectives that were set (Bartlett, Christopher, Sumatra, and Paul, 23).&nbsp.Currently, the organization’s domestic demand was declining as well as its stock price. The new chief executive officer faces a big challenge of building a multinational enterprise due to lack of previous management experience.&nbsp.The CEO should note that the major problem was due to her difference with Chen in the view and management styles of the market. Other major problems were cultural differences and limited international experience. The CEO should curb the above problems by taking cautious analytical procedures that will make the enterprise to perform efficiently and effectively. The CEO should make the following decisions to solve the problems above:&nbsp. In the concept of globalization, any element of difference in culture should not be traced in any case. Embracing culture will create a platform of togetherness. This will be depicted by preparing meals of different cultures in the café.&nbsp. CEO should seek international experience by attending various global workshops that focus on building leadership skills. This will trigger an element of understanding the international appropriately thus doing serious business in the café. Recommendations of a number of fundamental changes to Levendary Café’s new that would significantly affect Levendary’s relationship with Louis Chen, their future growth and expansion prospects in China, and the interrelationship that exists between their Chinese subsidiary and their Denver corporate headquarters. In the beginning, former CEO Howard Leventhal granted great latitude to Chen for their expansion into the Chinese marketplace (Bartlett, Christopher, Sumantra, and Paul, 57).