Memo on drugs

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MEMO ON DRUGS al Affiliation) Recommendation for Case To begin with, Jones was charged with possession of cocaine in a state court previously. however, an agreement in regard to the “substantial assistance” law can assist by allowing Jones to proceed in the case. The substantial assistance law allows a judge to give lenient sentences to persons that have helped track other drug dealers. This is in regard to section 5K 1.1 of the United States Drug offense Sentencing guidelines.
Jones case can be filed in a state court after reaching an agreement between Jones and his defense attorney that the case be filed in a state court rather than a Federal Court.
Recommendation for Smith’s Case
The case does not indicate the amount of cocaine Smith has been selling to the undercover agents. however, it is evident that he has been selling the drug on a regular basis. This case should be filed at the State Court. Smith may be charged guilty of possession of cocaine with intention to distribute.
Recommendation for Thompson’s Case
In regard to Thompson’s case, the information provided indicates that he might be a serious and dangerous drug dealer. His case can be filed at the state court and later forwarded to the Federal Court for sentencing.
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