Melodrama and TV serial in Guiding Light

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Melodrama and TV serial in Guiding Light al Affiliation) Guiding light as Melodrama Melodrama plays an important role in the media because it involves drama that brings emotions to the individuals watching the scene. Guiding Light is one of the dramatic series that provide drama and emotion to the viewers. In this scene, we identify the role Cassie and Jonathan play in the development of the series. In the scene, Jonathan and Cassie deal with emotions, and it is one of the reasons why it is considered a melodrama. Jonathan cannot believe that Tammy is dead, and he is overwhelmed with emotions (YouTube, 2015).
The storyline is a catharsis because the characters in the scene are faced with the same emotions. The death of the character leads to the emotional scène. The series qualifies to become a melodrama because the death of Tammy. In the scene, for example the characters create a relationship with the audience. It is one of the reason that it qualifies as melodrama. Jonathan is one of the important figures in the production, and since he is the main character, he does not follow most the rules in the society. He believes in his perception and wants to act quickly to avenge the death of Tammy. The emotions are important because they connect they bring a connection with the characters.
The drama is a melodrama has the capability to account for time. There is the development of themes in each episode. The series deals with emotional conflict around the family, and the death of Tammy heightens the case. The planning of the events of Guiding Light indicates that it fits to be melodrama.
Guiding Light as TV Serial
Guiding light has numerous protagonists in the scene. Jonathan and Cassie are important individuals in the development of the storyline (YouTube, 2015). The multiple lead characters connect the theme of the series and give the viewer the urge to want to watch it to the end. The presence of Jonathan and Cassie brings romance in the drama series. The use of leading characters decreases the attention from the lead characters to other characters in the sequel. The multiple characters allow the use of many storylines at once to provide fluidity in the storyline.
The video illustrates that the character do not get an opportunity to resolve their problems. Due to this, Guiding Light qualifies to be a TV serial. For example, Jonathan is not able to get vengeance for the death of his wife immediately. It is clear that viewers have to wait for the next episode to view the next episode. Resolution is among the components of a TV serial.
Guiding Light qualifies to be a TV serial because it ends with a climax. It keeps the viewer with an urge to want to watch the next episode. For example, we see Jonathan planning the revenge for the individuals involved in the death of his wife. The climax plays an important because it produces a new conflict that keeps it interesting to watch. In the end, it is clear that the Cassie does make a choice of the casket to use for her daughter’s death.
In conclusion, it is clear that melodrama and TV serials focus on the relationships and family. The main reason to focus on the family relationship is that family is one of the important institutions of the society.

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