Meeting the Challenge of Supervisory Time and Stress Management

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Cutbacks, budget crunching have become the buzz word in most of the organization which aftermaths in increased job security, uncertainty and fear which give way for increased level of stress and thus its is very important to find new ways to get away from stress Though an old saying, it’s a reality that time and tide waits for none. Time is the scarcest resource available on earth and something which rules the world. Conceptualizing time management is very easy, but to practice is continuously and religiously is a difficult task as time slips away time and again. People do say that time will repeat but till date it tends to remain as a saying because once you miss the time, it will never ever come back. In this fast moving world catching up with time is not as easy task. 24 hours have become insufficient for human beings because advent has increased incredibly. Defining Stress and time management Stress is a feeling that bars your pragmatism, maneuverability and curbs you from the gleaming torment less life. According to Richard S Lazarus stress is a feeling experienced when a person thinks that the demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.Extend to which stress management is given prominence to, in our daily life, analogously time management also plays a significant role. Managing time matters a lot in when it come to handling a lot of activities effectively, efficiently and delivering it within the time line. Claessens et al. (2007) defines time management as ‘‘behaviors that aim at achieving an effective use of time while performing certain goal-directed activities Importance of stress time management Managing stress has become a serious issue of concern in recent years as the number people getting stressed out have no boundaries. Managing stress comes into picture once you accost with stressful situations in both personal and professional life. It is very important to manage stress as a continuing negative stress can negatively impact your body and mind, which in turn debilitates your health. The importance of managing stress is left untouched till it impinge your equanimity and lucre. (Griffin) Managing stress has become very crucial in your professional life as it helps you to increase your productivity, enable you to meet your deadline, ameliorates to motivate your employees and lead them, hinders deceitful practices, and enhances the flurry of communication. For each and every one a hassled economy will be like a roller coaster ride. A lower level of stress at work place not only improves your physical and mental health but also decides on your success and failure at profession. Managing stress in your personal life is also very important as it influence the quality of relationship with those you interact. The more positively you interact with people around, the less negatively other’s stress have influence on you. Building a strong bond among the family members can effectively reduce personal stressors and your home a place to rejuvenate, relax and energize your body and mind. (Segal, Smith and Robinson) A day begins with the list of activities that need to be accomplished within a specific time line. hence if you are unable to accomplish the tasks set for that particular day, the work gets mounted for the next day and the when the second day arrives your work will be doubles as you were unable to meet the timeline the previous day. As it keeps repeating the