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123000 Ivan Illich is one person who has attacked the Western medicine in detail. In his book Medical Nemesis, he argues that medicalization caused more harm than good in the recent years. He argues that it has left many people with lifelong effects. He continues to say that diseases have decreased tremendously and diseases like pneumonia are easy to treat now. He however states that there is no evidence between the progress and medicine. He says that these changes have no tangible connection to medicine. Ivan attributes these changes to political and technological factors. The study of the progress of ailment patterns provides proof that all through the previous century doctors have affected epidemics no more intensely than the priests did in earlier times. Epidemics appeared and disappeared. They are not customized any more resolutely by the rituals done in hospitals than by those traditional at spiritual shrines. Some current techniques, regularly developed with aid from doctors, and optimally helpful when they are incorporated into culture and environment or when they are practical separately of expert delivery, have also brought changes in broad health, but to a less significant degree. Ivan gave examples of contraception, use of antibacterial and soap by midwives. The significance of several of these practices was initially familiarized by doctors but this does not categorize soap, immunization needles, or condoms to the class of "medical equipment."Ivan stats that medicines have always been possible poisons.