Medical ethics

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1250 Medical Ethics In examining ethical considerations there are a number I found troubling as a reflection of my personal beliefs and values. One of the prominent ethical issues in these regards is that of euthanasia. I recognize that euthanasia is an issue of prominent concern among many individuals with religious beliefs. These individuals believe that any form of suicide or early death is a violation of religious principles and should accordingly be prohibited. I personally take strong issue with this formulation of medical ethics. I believe like government, medical care should be separate from religious influence. To some degree I would classify myself as a secular humanist and believe that ethical decisions should be based on firm logic and ethical theory, instead of religious doctrine. One of the major issues of in medical ethics has been the question of whether individuals in severe and life-ending pain should be able to commit euthanasia. Currently, individuals such as Dr. Jack Kevorkian have been imprisoned for practicing euthanasia. I believe this should not occur. I object entirely to the notion that individuals in such situations should not have the option of terminating their life. I believe that if an individual is clearly in a strong level of pain and their life will be hindered beyond enjoyment and wellness, then the individual should be given the option of ending their existence. Furthermore, allowing religious doctrine to dictate medical ethics is a dangerous slope, wherein progress and outstanding care may be compromised because of outdated scripture.