Media Influence on the Society Fear

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Media play a vital role in the creation of how we are concerned with the happenings in our society. The Public’s evaluation of victims of crime scenes and criminals is greatly influenced by how they are portrayed in the mass.The public is highly influenced by how the media cover and report the sensitive patriotic and violent crime. For example, if the media often cover and report issues about the crime, the public develops the perception that there is an increased incidence of crime in the nation. Regular viewing of television violence leads to fear of those who are viewing compared to those actually experiencing the violence. Most people who spend most of their time watching television or listening to radio are likely to be exposed to greater fear of crime compared to those who spend less time following the media. Therefore, these viewers conclude that crime is more rampant such that it can even reach to wherever they are than it is actually being. They end up taking more caution against crime because they develop the perception that crime portrayed in the television is significantly more violent, indiscriminate and unsafe than actually the situation of crime is present in the real world. Research shows that television viewers internalize these images and fortifications or scary images of reality. The viewer’s perception is characterized by images of fictions and they always fantasize on what they regularly watch in films and televisions (Surette 540-548)The relationship between media presentation and crime is dependent on the characteristic of the message that the media portray to the audience. For example, increased coverage of a high number of local crime news causes increased fear among the large public (Liskaand Baccagglini 138-142). On the other hand, the residents of a high crimes area live in fear of crime due to their more experience onthe crime happening in their areas.